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Why We Do It: We are conscientious, providing quality services that leave you with safe and effective patient care.

What We Do: SKI’s mission is setting the gold standard of calibration services for athletic training and rehabilitation professions!

Where We Go: We serve customers in North Carolina and Virginia. PHONE/TXT us at
(336) 255-8869

Why We Do It

 “People don’t buy what we do, they buy why we do it.”Simon Sinek 
  • We believe quality of life is the single-most, universally-accepted important aspect to human beings.
  • We believe of the various components that comprise a quality human experience, health and physical mobility are paramount.
  • We believe Athletic Trainers, Chiropractors and Physical & Occupational Therapists play major roles in restoring quality of life to people who have suffered physical setbacks.
  • We believe therapeutic modalities are essential tools for these professionals, designed to use the natural forces of sound, electricity, light and temperature to cause positive, expedited healing affects within the human body.
  • We believe there is a thin line which separates the safe and effective application of these natural forces,  and conditions in which these forces can be harmful.
  • We believe we play an important role in this process: by providing thorough and precise equipment services, we provide the clinician with effective tools to administer superior care for their patients, while protecting them from unnecessary setbacks in their healing process.
  • This is why we do what we do, and why we take what we do so seriously.  This is our life’s work, a noble venture that we believe in.


What We Do

SKI’s mission is to provide quality, transparent and thorough services that are designed to maintain the SAFE and EFFECTIVE operation of therapeutic modalities.  We believe our testing and calibration programs set the standard in our industry.


 “Quality is never an accident.  It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution;  it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.” Dr.  Kim Kiser
  • We have perfected our craft over 25 years in the industry.
  • We have trained under the direction of product manufacturers and are DJO/Chattanooga certified technicians.
  • We use only the highest quality and precision testing and calibration equipment.
  • Our calibration reports are detailed and comprehensive, leaving clinicians with no doubt as to the operational state of their equipment.


  • Our onsite testing stations are set up in plain view.
  • We welcome questions and are happy to provide impromptu demonstrations.
  • Our objective is to be unobtrusive, working around normal clinician-patient activities.
  • Fees are not time-based.  Our waiting on equipment to become available has no effect on service costs.


“People forget how fast you did a job – but they remember how well you did it.” –Howard W. Newton 
  • By stocking common items we are prepared to address most issues that – if left unaddressed – would cause a device to fail the inspection.
  • Our goal is to repair equipment immediately to avoid return service calls and additional fees.
  • We believe by leaving a facility’s modalities in better condition than they were found, we have provided people with a valuable, quality product.
  • All services performed on modalities are logged on the calibration report.


  • Relates to electrical safety for the patients and clinicians who come into contact with the modalities.
  • We test each electrical device for grounding reliability, safe leakage current levels and power cord serviceability.
  • Life-saving GFCI receptacles are tested for proper function and identified for replacement if found to be faulty.
  • E-STIM electrical outputs are sampled to verify proper waveforms.
  • Patient cables are inspected for serviceability.
  • The results of all safety tests are logged on the calibration report.


  • Relates to the performance of the devices and the accuracy in which they operate.
  • Ultrasound, traction and dynamometry instruments are measured for performance and calibration, which includes output, tension, force and linearity.
  • When necessary and possible, adjustments are made in order to reestablish linearity and/or proper tolerances.
  • The calibration report displays performance data as we found it and as we left it, detailing any changes we might have made.  We also provide the accuracy of each device, which is the difference between the device’s meter indication and its actual performance. Displayed as a percentage, the lower the percentage the more accurate the device’s operation.

Where We Go

SKI serves customers in North Carolina and Virginia. We also belong to an Independent Technical Service Network of qualified, experienced service organizations who collectively provide coverage for much of the Southeastern United States. We are able to offer an alternative to you if we are unable to effectively meet your needs.  

We thank you for visiting our website and welcome the opportunity to talk with you about how we might be of service to you. PHONE/TXT us at (336) 255-8869 with any questions you have.

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